Your service requires the installation of a radio on your roof, along with a router inside your premises and cabling in between them.

There is an installation fee of $550 to cover the radio equipment and installation costs. On top of this you will need a router and we can supply a range of high quality models preconfigured for you.

Note: In some locations we may need to increase the size of the pole on your roof to gain some extra height. This will add some extra cost and will be calculated on a case by case basis.

Optional extras:
  • Links to other buildings such as sheds can be added. This extends your network coverage without adding any extra monthly fees.
  • Extra data sockets for more WiFi access points in larger houses can also be added during your installation.
Please let us know if this might be of interest so we can discuss any extra costs and arrange for the installer to allow extra time.
Radio antenna comparison

For most locations the radio is similar in size to the ones installed by the NBN. This photo shows one of our radios to the right of a satelllite antenna.

Pricing for equipment and connectivity is subject to change without notice.